I’m glad it’s over…

I don’t really know about anyone else, but part of me is thankful that Halloween is over. No more questions like “what you doing for Halloween?” “are you going to any parties?” I hate those questions. Suddenly, the most innocent inquiry because a poor man’s version of a Great Inquisition and I start to sweat. My mind becomes filled with viable ways of dodging the answer, lying or otherwise stating “no. I don’t have any plans.


I find when you’re in this moment of panic, the best way to deflect is to ask THEM their plans. People love talking about themselves and you can simply say, “OMG! I was just going to ask you the same thing! What are YOU doing for Halloween?” This method can be applied to ANY holiday that usually requires the following:

1. a party
2. dressing up
3. alcohol
4. an rvsp status

Anyways. I’m glad it’s over. We can all move on until the next grossly over-commercialized holiday comes along.

dress – ala folie…………. Lady Chocolat – courte
necklace – Opium Everyday …………. Marina Shell Necklace
shoes – J’s …………. Real Toe Studded Wedge Sandals – brown
eyes – YumYum …………. Mooney Eyes: glassy – green
skin – LeLutka…………. Pale – London Revolution makeup6a
hair – LeLutka …………. GaGa – chocolate brown
poses – Twosome

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