Head to Toe

The name of these sunglasses is Cool J and this is how my mind works. I think of LL Cool J, which reminds me of the band Sonic Youth. Their video/song “Kool Thing” is reply to LL Cool J snubbing the lead singer Kim Gordon. This leads me to my outfit which is taken off the pages of loving Miss Gordon.


Kalnins shades are pretty badass. They come with all sorts of menu driven options. Here’s what you get: lens color, lens reflection, opacity (but they cutely call it “see through”), face lights with color options, auto smile, bling, the usual adjustments and a thing called EMOTIONS. This script reads your chat and looks for markers like: :) :( :O lol xD :D rofl :* :/ :| :P ;) :@ >:( and matches your avatar to the face! By the end of exploring the menu driven options, I was expecting it to offer me a handjob. Seriously, the extras are great!

The boots from Kalnins are the same way…although, I am not sure about the handjobs. Either way, head or toes, your lindens are SUPER well spent at Kalnins.

top – artilleri…………. Tanktop – leo
bottom – artilleri …………. Hanna Highwaist – black
sunglasses – Kalnins Sunglasses …………. CoolJ v1.62
necklace – LP …………. Skull n Cross
shoes – Kalnins Footwear …………. Promenade v.1.7
eyes – Silhouette Eyes …………. sapphire
skin – LeLutka…………. Pale – London Revolution makeup1a
hair – Zero Style …………. Yuuya – swedish blonde
poses – VPoses

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One thought on “Head to Toe

  1. i just saw sonic youth on gossip girl. it was weird and awesome since i was a 7th grade pose in seattle thinking i was so scene and loved them back in the day. YAY for new teeny bopper shows reminding me o fmy old teeny bopper days :D. i <3 this look btw

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