What is it about vampires that still gets us weak in the knees these days? For instance, when I saw this 50L skin by 5th and Oxford I couldn’t wait to get there and buy it! I didn’t even demo that fucker. I knew it was mine mine MINE MINE!!!

*drunk with power*


Call me a minimalist, but I do enjoy slightness of this skin. No extraordinary make up jobs or intricate tattooing: simplicity at it’s finest. I applaud the self-restraint. It makes me weak in the knees.

The top is new from BOOM. You get a sculpted hoodie, cuffs and the textures is available on all layers. The prudish side of me loves that this top is cropped, but not too much. As someone said to me the other day, “I’m a grow-er, not a show-er.” I like the hint of showing…but not too too much. I am, after all, a respectable gal. *coughs*

..then there are the TRUE BLOOD inspired poses from Olive Juice….. check em’ out! Oh my stars! You will love them!

top – BOOM …………. Park Life Hoodie – rust
bottom – LeLutka …………. Mick Pants (mens) – black
shoes – Shiny Things …………. Belles – copper
eyes – YUMYUM …………. classic yellow
lashes – Milk Motion …………. standard
skin – 5th & Oxford…………. Fair – Audrey Little Miss Horror (50L Friday)
hair – lamb …………. Milk – ink(50L Friday)
poses – Olive Juice

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One thought on “VAMP

  1. DAMNIT! i missed the 50L amazingness :(. boo visiting family eating me out of house and home. boooo. great outfit marly, and thanks for the pose shout out! you are my star <333

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