Artist in Question (?)

This is a difficult post to write. It’s hard to put words to something you are unclear about, or don’t know the full story behind. The question is about whether there should even BE a question. Allow me to explain.

I love trolling through Who doesn’t? It’s fun to see what people come up with and how their creativity might spark something inside of you. So, making my usual rounds I stumbled onto the Artist in Question (A.i.Q.) offering a seamless tile texture: Exhibit A.


This tile looks really familiar to me, plus the fact that it’s seamless gets my attention. (FYI: seamless in graphic design terms means that you can repeat an image flawlessly.) I hopped onto a website I have used in the past, and found something remarkably similar: Exhibit B.


Now, should the A.i.Q. have to explain themselves? It’s clear from comments on the website that the original image (Exhibit B) was posted at least a year prior to copy (Exhibit A). I don’t know. I didn’t feel right about revealing any of the names of the parties involved, but I did wonder where do we draw the line? Since this isn’t an exact copy (the curvatures are different and there seems to be a “map” layer not used by the A.i.Q.) – should it matter?

So if this wasn’t complicated enough, the A.i.Q. does it again with another texture. However, this time the “map” of the image is identical. The effects and colors placed on the “map” are unique. Below is the animated GIF demonstrating the identical map. If you look at any point, you can see that the A.i.Q. solely modified the lighting and color scheme.


This Image Should Animate - click it if it doesn't.

Do we care? I don’t know.

I think the part in ALL of this that probably irks me the most is the outright arrogance of the A.i.Q. on their flickr descriptions for these textures. Each texture goes into a lengthy copyright agenda written with venom and snark, for example:

..I do not place quantifiable limits on art. by “minimally altered” I mean someone that takes my texture and puts some text over top. That is not art or an artwork that is laziness…

Again, do we care? I don’t know.

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15 thoughts on “Artist in Question (?)

  1. reallaugh says:

    Hello there…
    well these are familiar to you because the person that you are talking about is using a ps plug-in called “filter forge” which can be found here “”
    I havent seen this person’s flickr page or i have no idea who is he/she…
    But i have been using filterforge for months and you can do these textures with only one click on filterforge.All he does is basically moving slider a bit to change the shape of curves :D
    Also i dont think that this person really knows how to use this plugin. Because they are similar to presets that filter forge offers…Basically u should be capable of doing more creative stuff than this with that plug in.
    I dont think they are even worth copyright…

    Have a nice day…
    Real Love

  2. Chance G. says:

    yes I was gonna say Filterforge, a great tool for creating textures. But to claim that you made art with it is a bit lame.

  3. Marls says:

    I think you missed the point of the post. the point was to ask if this was worthy of anything more than a finger waggle. Not that I can DO anything more than waggle my finger. It’s sorta like offering that YELLOW DUCKY image that comes with photoshop as your own on flickr. You know?

    the third party addon is really a moot point.

  4. Music Loopen says:

    That’s an interesting point, Marls. I happen to know a very famous designer in SL that uses some ‘borrowed’ vector pages as photo backgrounds, that they sell. Of course there is a sign posted claiming the work as their own. I’ve always thought that was a bit dodgy.

  5. Music Loopen says:

    p.s. I know said items are borrowed, because I have them too. I just don’t go into sl and upload them, claim them as my own, and get money off of people from them.

  6. Michelle Babii says:

    Um…I photocopied my butt on the copier at work. And..some guy..he grabbed the copy..rubbed some dirt on the copier glass and ran the copy through again then emailed it to everyone in the office. Can I still claim my butt now that it’s dirty? Just wondering.

  7. agreed completely IF the image was taken and slightly altered, but personally I have made textures similar to this as practice from tutorials I have found online. I’ve never needed or used the textures I made, but I bet I still have some that I could post if you would like to see (bc I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to find the tutorial link at this point) So could that be a possibility? They each just followed a tutorial? (it’s really not a hard technique, its a lot of gradients and liquifying)

  8. reallaugh says:

    well if the person is putting them on her flickr or selling them in-world and claiming copyright thats just -funny- :D
    Also if there is some noob over there buying or using these textures that would just make me laugh more.
    You totally made my day =D

  9. marls says:

    no one is selling any of these….however they “invoke” a partial copyright law, accept the PRAISE for designing uber cool texture and don’t credit the source of any application or tutorial.

    i would conclude from everyone’s comments that always make sure you know where your textures are coming from…. and don’t be a praise whore trying to spin your shit as THEE SHIT. lol

  10. Music Loopen says:

    amen to the praise whore’s been getting a bit ridiculous lately. I swear if I hear one more person say “I think I’m gonna cry, this *insert product* is so gorgeous” I’m gonna lose it. XD

  11. I have stopped contributing to Flickr cause the whole “OMG you are such a great artist” crap makes me puke a bit in my mouth sometimes. And how some folks create a photo inworld and then photoshop the hell out of it, adding backgrounds that aren’t in world or even non SL hair and get all sorts of praise makes me not want to be there. hahaha. Was that ranty enough?

  12. oh yes! *gives you a cookie!*

  13. Destry Alecto says:

    /me HUGS Lizzie…. My god I have wanted to say that forever..

  14. marls says:

    lizzie is wise if not absolutely adorable.

  15. Aww guys you are so sweet but LOL I realized my koinup uploads are linked to flickr haha. So for the last week I have been a hypocrite, YAY.

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