Nude Model Protocol

I once took a semester in Drawing. We had two models: a man and a woman. Now the chick was really easy to draw because I’ve got all those same bits, you know? The boy, however, I couldn’t stop blushing. It was so difficult to focus on my work because I kept thinking “NAKED MAN! NAKED MAN!


There are three major rules of etiquette with nude models. It breaks down like this:

1. No touchy. NEVER EVER touch the nude model. If you want them in a position, you demonstrate it on yourself. To touch someone naked in front a classroom is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

2. No laughing. If you start to giggle about the nudity you may be asked to leave the room.

a. I found that I was more comfortable looking at the bum than at the dangling bits of a man. So I moved myself and my tablet to the part of the room where that was all I could see. It made everything A LOT easier.

3. Changing Room & Robe. It’s best to have a private spot where the model can take off their clothing and have a robe to put ON after. This is more common courtesy than anything else. Would you want to strip in front of 30 sets of eyes?

There we have it. Now you can go hire yourself a good and proper model and sound like you know what you’re doing!

*throws confetti in the air*

top – Tres Blah …………. Sweater with Peekaboo Collar – black
bottom – MIEL …………. MO Pocke Pants – diftwood
bag – LeLutka …………. 100% Plastic Bag – navajo white
ring – LaGyo …………. Volta Ring
bracelets – VonD …………. Classy Bronze
shoes – Boing Fromage …………. Urban Bohemian Ankle Wrap
eyes – YUMYUM …………. classic brown
lashes – Milk Motion …………. standard
skin – LeLutka…………. Eclat Fair – dark brows, hairbase
hair – booN …………. JSL144 – chocolate
poses – PDA

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5 thoughts on “Nude Model Protocol

  1. Michelle Babii says:


  2. Michelle Babii says:


  3. corduroyshop says:

    LOL! Marleen! I never see you anymore but I am glad you’re doing well <3

  4. marls says:

    The new line of skin from LeLutka is pretty bad ass. it’s worth the $$. It comes with 6 different versions for that makeup. :)

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