Oh VOGUE! What have you DONE?!

If you haven’t heard, the latest edition of French Vogue features a white (Dutch) model in black face and “ethic styled” clothing according CNN.com. While I haven’t read the issue myself, apparently the magazine featured some of the world’s top super models although NONE of them were black.

french vogue lars stone

Thoughts on this…

a. French Vogue ALWAYS features the top names in the modeling industry
b. French Vogue is NOT a first-time offender on this front. The fashionista magazine has a long history of singling out only white models for its editorials photo spreads
c. DUDE! You can’t find a fucking beautiful black woman? WTF?!? Here. Have my list of women I would love to sleep with any day of the muther fucking week:

a. Naomi Campbell, Hedi Slimane, Alek Wek, Sessilee Lopez, Chanel Iman, Arlenis Sosa Pena, Jourdan Dunn – just to name a few beauties I have admired upon occasion…. *coughs*

Shame on you Vogue. Tisk-tisk.
Please, I invite comments. Group therapy always helps.

Magazine image compliments of MagCulture.com: http://magculture.com/blog/

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4 thoughts on “Oh VOGUE! What have you DONE?!

  1. I would think twice before sleeping with Naomi, she might hit me with her blackberry.

  2. Chance G. says:

    I’d sleep with Naomi! Threesome?..and that is just beyond tacky btw!

  3. ghettoblackify says:


  4. Seriously says:

    I thought your post was a second degree joke but apparently it’s not. They really have time to waste at CNN, always spitting on France and French *yawn* we don’t even listen anymore.

    Ok next point: i’m French and half African and I read vogue and those pictures makes me smile. I think Steven Klein is a pure genius (the photographer, google him if you don’t know his work, it might help you to get it)

    And last thing about your points B and C: before posting what you can’t verify, I know you are not a journalist but please double check your informations. I’ll only post the 1st cover i found of French Vogue and oh surprise! A black on cover ;)

    Oh and i’ll make it easier for your general culture:
    http://www.stevenkleinstudio.com/ enjoy the intro of Brad Pitt painted in blue (I wonder if this will shock some blue aliens somewhere in space… let’s ask CNN their point on that) :)

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