Bitch Can Board


The skateboard attachment has a lot of cool poses to it and works completely with walk and run states of your avie (natural not AOs). You can also Page UP and Page DOWN for jumps and tricks. Sadly, it only comes in a few designs. I opted for the Zombie Bunny (yeah… it was a leap).

The only tricky bit with the skateboard is the shoe attachment. Here’s how I made this work. I took my favorite pair of Chuck Taylor’s (Kari’s SailorJerry style is best for me) and created a duplicate. Then I attached THAT doop prim shoe to my calf, instead of foot. I modified the prim to make it look like it was on my foot and then attached the skateboard. It’s annoying, but well worth it for looks.

The skin is from & Bean it’s fuckin’ perfect: Kablam!

Algernon’s Down Vest is pretty bad ass. It’s only attachments, no clothing template files. So, like a RL down vest, it is easily added to the mix.

top – Truth …………. Thermal – mudslinger
bottom – The Abyss …………. Destroyed Wash with Holes
jacket – Algernon …………. Down Vest – olive
shoes – Kari …………. Sail Away Bitch (modified for skateboard use)
eyes – YUMYUM …………. glassy yellow
lashes – Milk Motion …………. standard
skin – &Bean…………. Pale – Lake Kablam
hair – Truth …………. Tahlia2 – chocolate
skateboard – Beau & Aero Skateboard v8 – Zombunny [orange]

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