Oversexed Police Outfits Suck.

Outfit, skin, shoes, poses are all available RIGHT NOW at the Zombiefest 09. Proceeds go to benefit the Red Cross and Tsunami Relief. This is a great opportunity to get something perfect for Halloween that isn’t an oversexed Police Woman outfit or “sexy” witch.

I mean… what the fuck is up with those outfits? I never got that shit. It’s annoying, reptilian and banal. Doesn’t this population get enough tits and ass on a regular basis from toothpaste commercials?


Jesus. I’m starting to sound like my Gram.

Regardless, I say fuck the erotic waitress outfit. Let’s put some thought into it. This outfit by Rotten Toe reminds me of the Police video for Synchronicity II and …  THAT reason alone  makes me love everything about it.

dress – Rotten Toe …………. Junkyard Queen
shoes – Rotten Toe …………. Junkyard Queen
hair/headpiece – Rotten Toe …………. Junkyard Queen
skin – Tyranny Designs…………. Sheppard’s Whisper – Zombie Fest Skin
poses – Olive Juice

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