Remember. What doesn’t kill you…..

..only makes you stronger, right Lyndsay?

Poor poodle, Lyndsay Lohan. She got boo’ed at her runway debut of her first endeavor as the Artistic Advisor of the Emanuel Ungaro Spring 2010 line. What do you think? Click here and view her collection.


Comments are deliciously welcome! I think we would call take a valuable lesson from this experience….

*tips hat at Women’s Wear Daily for supplying the photography*

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14 thoughts on “Remember. What doesn’t kill you…..

  1. Leilani Laval says:

    horrible..dunno whats worse, models or cloth.

  2. Laur says:

    She looks like death warmed over.

  3. she looks totally koo-koo
    and the clothing is really predictable.

    It’s like when scarlett johansson did that tom waits cover album.

    dumb bitches.

  4. Tyr Rpzemblum says:

    The models wig me out and high fashion confuses me. It all looks pretty much unwearable/terrible/something my mom wore in 1982. Not that im hating on the 80’s. But I thought that specific part of the 80’s, full of coke binges and those cloths, was what the world wanted to forget?

    Why bring it back!

  5. Sunshine Kukulcan says:

    LOTS of Leger bandage dress ripoffs…and wait..what’s this??? FUR???


  6. marls says:

    she’s a classy girl…
    it takes a lot of balls to decide to kill lots of defenseless animals in the name of fashion.

    i bet the fuzzy little bunny was asking for it.

  7. so wait, let me get this straight. if you have really shitty sewing skills, and are a pro at wrapping a sarong around yourself like a dress-ish, you can get paid to make creative people bring your shitty vision to life? fantastic!

  8. marls says:

    your comment made me snort – loudly….at work.

  9. Cerrie says:

    Taking stock… The models are freightening. I do love a pale skin but ouch. Ladies, let me introduce you to natural light.

    And the clothes, never even in a perfect world, where I had a swimsuit models body, would I ever be caught dead in any of that…stuff? Poorly designed, hideous prints and what’s with the random sparkly bits?

    I’m going to go with an emphatic NO!

  10. Chance says:

    Marc Jacobs had the same bold colors going on and he was hailed…but too much titties and ugly prints here…in my taste..loved the high waisted wrinkly pants though and some of the dresses were nice. This would never be booed if someone else had done it. Come on ppl. be nice.

    • Tyr Rozenblum says:

      Actually no, I would have booed it from the start. Designer and movie star aside, lets be real. Designers are allowed to dicate to us whats “in” by making rail thin, models dress like rodeo clowns. Im sorry if this is what the fashion elite (ie: the 1% of the population that can afford to look like they were dumpster diving at a glorified good-will). Then bring me something from target, with some sort of shape and fit.

      Please fashion elite, leave the neon sarongs, half dresses, sailor suits and puffy dresses back in 1986, or your cousins wedding..

      Because the other 99% of us would greatly appreciate somethings that didnt look like they were pulled out of my moms highschool year book.


  11. Marls says:

    Have you seen Karl Lagerfeld’s Spring 2010 show for Chanel? Now that is a REAL show! My beautiful Chance, I’m going to have to disagree with you.

    It’s like this in my head. Van Gogh was classical artist before he became an impressionist. Formal lines and a classical understanding of a composition.

    Miss Lohan lacks any formal training other than shopping sprees and stealing jewelry from ELLE magazine. You gotta crawl before you can run. In my eyes, she’s simply out of her league.

  12. Chance says:

    Chanel is Chanel, comparison. :)

  13. Marls says:

    stop. you’re turning me Chance.
    *fans self!*

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