KA’s Loona Skin Saves the DAY!

Erpla Prieto shoes from Periquita are gorgeously wonderful! Sassy and plenty feminine, they are every girl’s dream. On these shoes, she worked with jewelry designer, from Donna Flora, Squinternet Larnia. The gemstones are color scripted, so you can match with any outfit. I found that part of the HUD very easy to use. The skintone matching – not so much.


Using the HUD and after reading the instructions, I first tried to match up my new Dutch Touch skin with the color spectrum. That didn’t work out so great, total Frankenstein feet. Then I tried to match the Milk Motion skin I just got at the fair with the color script (/200 xx,xx,xx) using a tutorial from We Hate What You’re Wearing Blog. Again, the results were very poor. Finally, I tried on my other new Skin Fair pick from KA and that worked like a charm because it fell into the preset color ranges.

So as a caveat, you might want to keep your options open as to what skin you’re wearing with these shoes. They are WELL WORTH purchasing! Erpla designs are fantastic and I consider her a shoe visionary, however the HUD – doesn’t win my glowing affections.

The Loona Series from KA is wonderful, as you can plainly see. The faces are so beautifully done and naturally well lit for the ebony skin tone. It comes with 6 or 7 variations in make ups ranging from vibrant colors to subdued. All of them are lovely and well crafted. I highly recommend Loona line from KA. There is a delicate beauty about them that is undeniable.

dress – Shiki …………. Cocktail Dress – violet
earrings – Dark Mouse …………. Locked Up Hoops – gold
shoes – Periquita …………. Bella Donna Poison #8
eyes – Poetic Colors …………. autumn crocus
skin – KA …………. Loona – makeup 05
hair – LeLutka …………. Jacqueline – coffee brown
poses – DARE

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