First Impressions…

Dr. Vaughan: Sooooo, yeah…I think maybe it would be good for you. Yeah. Look at it like…occupational therapy.

Miss Shellbee: Really? I mean..really? YAY!!  WAIT! Oh my GAWD! The…the implications ALONE!

Dr. Vaughan: Um, I’m sorry..what?

Miss Shellbee: YEEESSSS, think about it!! This is EVERYTHING! I mess this up and that’s it…it’s over for me. I can’t show my face. I can’t go to the corner store for coffee cream on Saturday mornings and pass the local barbershop and face the leering boys anymore. I can’t *gasp* go into WalMart anymore!! No more Suffering Bastards cocktails at the Polynesian strip bar! Eeeep!

Dr. Vaughan: I think maybe you might be perhaps taking this a little too seriously? Possibly? Just a tad?

Miss Shellbee: Oh NO, Dr. Vaughan. This is the best thing ever. I must do this right! And perfect! Everyone MUST love me. Or it’s over. It’s all over. *stares at shoes* First impressions are EVERYTHING! You know this! Um…where is your bathroom? I don’t feel so hot.

Dr. Vaughan: *Le sigh* Turn left at the water fountain, you can’t miss it.  You know you still have 10 minutes left in your session.

Miss Shellbee: It’s okay and don’t you worry Dr. Vaughan, I can DO this! No matter the weather or the incontinence, you can count on me to give it my all!!!


*ahem* This is Miss Shellbee reporting from Stall #3 in what could be considered the perfect boots for acting tough in a cruel, cruel world! Lovely leather combats with well worn and scuffed toes. 9 different combos of resolutions and colors for $450. And a bonus that they are modifiable to fit any foot! Get your confidence-boost boots today!

shoes – ROT………………………..Test Boots
socks – Renegade clothing..girl next door
stall – Warhead………public restroom kit

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One thought on “First Impressions…

  1. Marls says:

    Therapy is good :)

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