No. 2 Pencil

When I was very young, I was in love with Joe Elliott the lead singer from Def Lepard. Now my tastes are much more manageable. I’m modestly in love with my car mechanic, not that he would ever know.

Le sigh.


If you’ve never been to the SCRIBBLE sim, you really ought to go! It’s a treat: cute clothing, fun accessories and a fantastic sim design. The design was brought you by the No. 2 Pencil. LOL It’s totally ace.

However, I would err on the side of caution if the following situation should arise:

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say you’ve had a hard day at work. You go home and cracked open a bottle of your nearest alcoholic beverage. While on Second Life, you activate your VOICE and start chatting up the locals. You’re laughing with your friends, having a grand ol’ time. Then you wonder why no one else is talking? You realize the group of people standing around you, are really sculpted mannequins.

Purely a hypothetical….situation.

I have to give it to Radio Signals for developing and designing a fabulous brand. It’s a stunner. The Cozy Pea coat I’m wearing costs 300 linden, but you get three versions: button, bow and plain. The sculpts are REALLLY well done and color options are delicious.

Thanks Radio for a great shop, sim and excellent design standards!

coat – Scribble …………. Cozy Pea – peacock
glasses – Vintage Wear …………. Classic – white
ring – DECO …………. Her Wedding Set – gold
shoes – Shiny Things …………. Brandys – white
socks – Maitreya …………. Slouch Socks – autumn orange
eyes – Poetic Colors …………. night forest
skin – Dutch Touch …………. Special No 1 – caramel
hair – Novocaine …………. Antoinette – amber
poses – Olive Juice

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2 thoughts on “No. 2 Pencil

  1. Paulina says:

    LOL!!@hypothetical situation.

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