Train Wreck

So this morning I took a shower and standing naked in my bedroom I see that my cat has puked on the jeans I was going to wear today. I mutter under my breath and quickly gather the jeans up for a quick wash in the sink. Luckily the puke is only the cuff of the leg and washes out easy enough.

Problem #1 Averted.


Then on the way to work, which is about a 40 minute commute through back country roads, my gas pedal decides not to work…. twice. It’s an easy fix, but annoying and rather tricky through any kind of intersection. I have to pop the hood, fix the knobby joint thingy (technical term) and then I am on my way. Tedious, but necessary when you have a piece of shit car like I do.

Problem #2 Resolved.

So, the last leg of the journey I am feeling pretty excited about coffee.
I need it.
I’ve earned it.
I park and stroll over to my favorite haunt.
It’s closed.

top – Truth …………. Second Hand Jacket – duckegg
bottom – Primitive Designs …………. Pistoleros – blue
shoes – Maitreya …………. SoHo Boots – cocktail grunge
eyes – Poetic Colors …………. autumn crocus
skin – League …………. Misty Wrecked – medium
hair – Truth …………. Peaches – auburn
poses – Hiccup and Lost Angels

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2 thoughts on “Train Wreck

  1. well that’s a fail of a morning, but at least this outfit is awesome? right? i love those jeans especially!!!

  2. marls says:

    yeah.. I love the skin. I got it at the fair and think it’s the right combination of fucked up and sad. LOL


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