The heat is on…awkwardly

Whenever I look at my avie in a bikini, I think… “mm. awkward.


No matter how lovely the design, I always think my avie is a little socially retarded. Like me in real life, she can’t pull off the styles of a bikini fashion. So with that in mind, I wrapped Fishy Strawberry’s Waist Jacket around my lovely new Tropical Bouquet bikini from Shiki. Shinichi Mathy, the designer of the bikini, is so kind. We spoke over instant message and he’s totally adorable. I see many more great things from him to come!

Then came the skin… I started thinking about that Skipping Stones Hunt skin from Imagen. I remember when it rezzed I giggled over the sunscreen on the nose. I loved it. Rack Brautigan should do MORE skins along these lines. I say, let your bad self shine! Get that lampshade out and let’s put it on your head!

WOO HOO! WOOT! YAY! Etc etc etc.

bikini – SHIKI …………. Tropical Bouquet
waist – Fishy Strawberry …………. Waist Jacket – grey stripes
shoes – Surf Couture …………. Freedom Flops – green
lashes – Celestial Studios …………. size 2
eyes – Poetic Colors …………. Carribbean Reef
skin – IMAGEN …………. Irene Este – sunscreen
hair – LeLutka …………. Messy – bleach blonde
poses – Long Awkward Poses

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