*clears throat and hold up mic to mouth*

This is Marleen Vaughan bringing you a special report for coffeesmoke, your lightly roasted fashion blog.


My oldest friend in Second Life, Haedon Quine, is having a HUGE store sale for her hair shop Tousled. When word got around via Pushbutton’s group messages, it dawned on me how great Haedon’s work is ALL OVER AGAIN. Second Life is so fucking fast. I mean, like, REALLY fast. The next new thing is around every corner and it’s hard to see past all new releases.


This sale is pretty over the top. For color packs of four, you pay 40 linden. For FAT PACKS you pay ONLY 400 linden. Each FAT PACK has 28 color versions, the tipped versions of those. To quote Cuteoverload.comit’s redonkulas!


I picked four of my favorite hair styles and took some pretty photos of Haedon’s work. Timeless and classic.
Please visit Bricolage: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bricolage/127/197/22


The sale is a bit of time bomb, so hurry! It might all disappear overnight!

Elle in Onyx
top – MIEL …………. CALI TANKS – midnight
skin – &Bean …………. Lake Smiley – tan
eyes – Silhouette …………. onyx

Janie in Black with Blonde Tips
top – MIEL …………. CALI TANKS – cinder
skin – Curio …………. Petal Light – pink lady 2
eyes – Lelutka …………. sky

Mallory in Wheat – color scripted headband
top – MIEL …………. CALI TANKS – wetmoss
skin – Rockberry …………. Lily Natural – shaved
eyes – Poetic Colors …………. night forest

Sloane in Dark Brown
top – MIEL …………. CALI TANKS – bark
skin – bp …………. tomboy – pink
eyes – m.fox …………. blue

all poses by luth.

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3 thoughts on “SPECIAL REPORT: Tousled Sale

  1. Klaxx says:

    Sadly Hae decided to finish the old calla partnership. This is the result. Even Bricolage was a dead zone, the new place is even poorer and lonely.
    I feel sorry with Hae.

  2. Marls says:

    There There Klaxx. There is no reason to be a snarky bitch about it. Your feeling sorry for Haedon is rather old and sad. She’s doing just fine without your timeless venom.

    Now run along and play with the other old mean hags. SCOOT!

  3. Klaxx says:

    If you want to misunderstand, do so.
    It was not meant snarky.
    Head shake.


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