sAss, sEx-appEal and skIn

You know that video by Nelly Furtado for her song “I’m Like A Bird”…?

Well, if the jeans she’s wearing in that video met up with the Aranel Ah of BOOM and they had a baby, these jeans are what their baby would look like….perfection.


The new Seaman Pant is gorgeous. I don’t want to take them off! The waist line is flawless and even if you don’t sport the huge pant cuffs, the pant layer has been puffed out to make them wearable with any mid-calf boot. The details, color options and sculpted prim cuffs make this a steal at only 200 linden.

And that’s just me bragging about the bottoms, never mind the Wrong Size Cardi. And if there is one thing the shop BOOM knows, its tits. Miss Ah knows exactly how to make your dirty pillows look AMAZING. I wish they could fix my breasts in RL! Maybe a little more lift? Please?

The Cardi has been detailed so well that the “stretching” of the buttons make you smile when you zoom it. You are bursting out of the sweater top. However, if you’re feeling prudish – don’t worry. The top comes in all layers, so you can mix and match with an appropriately high collared undershirt. For all the layers, plus prim pushed up sleeves costs 125 linden.

Overall, this outfit really made me smile: heaps of sass, sex-appeal and skin.
What else could a woman ask for?

top – BOOM …………. Wrong Size Cardi – white
bottom – BOOM …………. Seaman Pant – pitch
shoes – Redgrave …………. Girls’ Biker Boots – white
jewelry – Shiny Things …………. Ruma Jewelry – gold
lashes – Milk Motion …………. standard
eyes – Poetic Colors …………. Carribbean Reef
skin – Tyranny Designs …………. Sweet Augustine – fire engire
hair – booN …………. ICH298 – brown
poses – Olive Juice

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