Facebook™ Drama

I met up with this old friend of mine from college via Facebook™ – which was really cool since we hadn’t spoken in many years. Truthfully, I had always had a crush on him. Years ago, he was interesting and could keep up with banter. Well, what I thought was banter. In retrospect, it was probably more him talking AT me and I being wide-eyed and eager to listen to sage words of advice.


Time happens. Years later, we start bantering again. At least, I thought it was an equal opportunity banter. I was wrong. Maybe when I addressed him as “Mr. Citizen of the World” he took it the wrong way. I did “wink” after to denote that I was just poking fun, like he had poked fun of me when he implied I had a “fascists post-puritan mindset”.

I mean…wtf… that’s a serious poke on his part, right? I mean he actually said “I also consider myself a citizen of the world” – how could I not poke at the pretentious statement?

To wrap up this story, I logged into Facebook™ this morning and I was officially un-friended.

Le sigh.

top – SHIKI …………. Men’s Sweater & Tie – green V neck
bottom – Jumbie …………. Lox Shorts – moss
shoes – Pididdle …………. Canvas – grape jelly
socks – blueblood …………. The Lonely Doll Socks
eyes – Poetic Colors …………. autumn beach
skin – L’oring …………. Yokuba – 3B
hair – Donna Flora …………. Amelie – dirty blonde
poses – Hiccup

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3 thoughts on “Facebook™ Drama

  1. WOW, just wow. Yeah, Mr. can dish it but can’t take it from a smart woman. I guess he is destined to troll for young, naive, doe-eye creatures ready to approach him in the wilderness and eat out of his palm. And these stupid creatures will bore the crap out of him. His loss! BTW that skin looks AMAZING on you :D

  2. RayRay says:


    I know soooooooooo many men like that. They love to poke fun but if we make just one joke they act like the world has ended…and they say that we’re the overly emotional gender! hahahahahaha!

  3. marls says:

    Thanks Bella!

    It was certainly educational for me when I saw the result. I kept checking my facebook friends (all 48 of them = lame) and making sure he wasn’t on the list. It was totally incredulous.

    OYE! someone needs a gin and tonic, and it aint me! – although, i wouldn’t mind one. TeeHEE.

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