It’s good to be back

I can’t tell you what it’s like getting your internet restored after weeks of not having it at your fingertips. However, I can make a wildly inflammatory metaphor:

It’s like coming home finding your boyfriend in bed with another woman, but feeling relief because finally you’re rid of the money-sucking letch. So you go out and buy yourself some new clothes, a new hair style and discover there is more to life than men. After six months of working diligently at night, you write the great american novel which you send to ONE NYC Agent. That one Agent accepts your work immediately. Within months, you’re a published author living a quiet life in rural Massachusetts with your two cats and enjoying the fruits of royalties.

Yeah. It’s that good.


Modd.G , designer moddish gossipgirl, slipped me some of her newest releases. You’ve seen a number of them on the fashion feed already. The one I enjoyed the most was the simple denim skirt. Usually I hate fitted one prim skirts. They look awkward and unrealistic on my ass. However, Modd.G’s was a pleasant surprise.

Truth’s Farrah hair has been making its way through all the blogs, too. However, I haven’t seen it matched up with a beautiful Nubian skin like the one from Blowpop. It’s a stunner, eh? Hubba Hubba.

It’s good to be back.

top – emery …………. The Clash – black
bottom – Modd.G …………. Jessica Denim – classic
tights – Gbberish …………. Amelie Tights – blossom
shoes – 69 …………. Antique Boots – black
bangles – LeLutka …………. Wooden Cuffs
glasses – emery …………. Aviator – sunset
eyes – Poetic Colors …………. Autumn Beach
skin – blowpop …………. Maya – C 4.1
hair – truth …………. Farrah – chocolate
poses – Long Awkward Poses

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