Ding Made Me Do It

I saw this post on the D List and immediately clicked over the &Bean Group and JOINED! These skins are amazing.


As you can see, they are already hitting the fashion feeds. However, I wanted to show off the body scars and stitching. It’s a wonderful doll slash death quality about these skins. The cut marks have a Black Dahlia mouth cut and then wonderful surgical scars on the thighs, belly, chest and back. I especially love the belly caesarian scar. It really is lovely.

I matched this up with what I have nicknamed my Silkwood” hair. I got it at that huge Novocaine sale in front of TRUTH. I fell in love with the 70’s style of it.

Thank you &Bean for offering this skin to your group! It’s a wonderful gift! <3

skin – &Bean …………. Lake Smilely – norm
hair – Novocaine …………. Caelyn – cocoa
eyes – Poetic Colors …………. Autumn Beach
poses – Olive Juice

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2 thoughts on “Ding Made Me Do It

  1. I HEART THIS SKIN SO MUCH!!!! I love her new line, absolutely stunning and creative. And YAY POSES!!! <3333

  2. Marls says:

    more poses from Olive Juice to come…hehe!

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