Gingham – YOU ARE CRAP.

I’ve never really been a big fan of the gingham print. However as of late, it has evolved into a full-blown hatred slash resentment. WHY, PEOPLE, WHY!?


You have a beautifully designed piece of fashion and then you put GINGHAM ON IT? IT RUINS your design. All those hours spent shading, sorting out the collar choices, sleeves, whether to prim or not…and you top it off with gingham? It just doesn’t make any sense to me. I mean, in my head, I always think “WALMART” when I look at that print.

Walmart Fashion Design.

So maybe this post is a little angry with a dash of bitterness. I can’t help it. I loath gingham. A small caveat to some designers out there…unless you’re making a table cloth – please please please pass on the gingham pattern for your design.


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7 thoughts on “Gingham – YOU ARE CRAP.

  1. severnyproductions says:

    you feel quite strongly about this one.

  2. arishianishi says:

    I love gingham…

  3. hahahaah says:

    gingham is a very popular design because not only did some of the biggest designers in the world use it, but its a basica pattern that can turn something completely plain into soemthing interesting with motion. i dont think everyone needed to know your opinion about how much you personally hate it, in hopes designers would stop? i doubt it lol

  4. I think you’re right.. but then the title wasn’t very misleading. :) why did you bother reading it? silly goose! they call it a “blog” for a reason – to express personal opinion!

  5. Uma Ceawlin says:

    I like that you have an opinion at least..but let me ask : in your opinion, is there a difference between gingham and plaid?..Because if you dislike gingham I may well understand it, prolly you’ve seen it more in table clothes than in shirts :P
    But if you dislike plaid, then it’s a whole different story (or quite ironic because it’s rahter similar)!
    However I cannot believe you haven’t worn at least one flannel shirt in the 90’s as I cannot believe you don’t think twice when you see it right about now, in almost 2010 with the right accessories and the right amount of ‘checks’.
    I don’t actually think it’s a matter of (…) ‘all those hours spent shading, sorting out the collar choices, sleeves (…) and toping it out with gingham??’. I don’t think it’s a result of a cheap/lazy work or bad choice, it’s a personal’s designer choice.
    Been said that, also, a costumer’s choice. Not to be judged though I don’t think voicing an opinion is wrong, it’s just the way we do it.

  6. Chance says:

    U tell em sister! I don’t agree, but still. ;)

  7. marls says:

    Umaaaaaa Uma Uma… My darling!

    Yes. It is ONLY Gingham I dislike. Plaid, I love. Plaid is an iconic for my generation.I was the 19 year old college student that cried over Kurt Cobain’s death and wore black for weeks.

    Gingham, on the the other hand, is usually in a softer color palate, chunkier, and much more simplistic in design. While they appear to be rather similar, in my head I associate them VERY differently. Maybe I can chalk that up to my age, but Gingham still blows.

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