How many puns can you make with the word “eye” dot – dot – dot

Let’s see!
And the EYES have it!
Eye, Eye Capt.

-dry heaves-

Yeah. This game can get quickly out of hand. Let’s skip that part.


Poetic Colors makes fucking amazing eyes. If you haven’t been there yet, go now! Zedellbee told me about them, who heard it from Kenry and I’m not sure where Kenry heard it from – but the point is, I’m passing the word onto you.

I’m only showing you 4 colors, from what I have purchased myself, but the collection is really something you need to sit with for a bit of time. I found that ALL of the eyes are so gorgeous; I couldn’t decide what I wanted. They are 200 linden, which may seem pricey for eyes. However, I implore you to go look for yourself. You can see these are stunning and as photogenic as my bum in soft morning glow.


Do check them out. They are loverly.
p.s. the lashes are Milk Motion <3


4 thoughts on “Eye Do DECLARE!

  1. I love Poetic Colors eyes and ya know I search for those milk motion lashes and I could not find them in the store!

  2. marls says:

    they come with the Milk Motion skin. I have two skins from MM, they are skin-tacular!

  3. I was going to ask about the lashes too, before I got hypnotized by dry soil! I only have ONE pair of PC eyes. WTF is wrong with me!? *goes to buy prettiest prettiful eyes in all the pretty land aaaand maybe a milk motion skin* <3 Marlyface!

  4. marls says:

    the prettiest eyes in the land, for the pretties princess in the land!

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