Public Service Announcement

Support your local Horror and Gothic Sim! UNDEAD UNITE!

There is no time like the present to go out and support the ones you love. They may be crusty, slightly decayed or even smell funny but that doesn’t mean they don’t love too, right?


Starting tomorrow there is a sim-wide Twisted Hunt running through the month of September. Show Me on the Doll, owned by Putrid Gloom, gave me a sneak peek of what she’s giving away. Le Cirque de la Maladie is a gothic Victorian circus costume with all the classic SMOTD features I love. It’s amazing what she is giving away here: 3 skirt variations, prim collar and belt, matching shoes and a bone mask! When I look at Miss Gloom’s bone masks, I always think “Taxidermy: The Alternative Career Choice” They are fantastic.

The full low-down on who’s participating can be found on this website: You’re looking for the little box, seen in the picture. It should be rotating, calling your name, and delivering the undead spawn of satin during the hunt. (Okay, maybe it’s just rotating. Humph.)

Alright people! Let’s go out there and find some decapitated heads!

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4 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement

  1. Eden Knoller says:

    Ain’t Putrid the shizz?

  2. Marls says:

    she IS the shizz.

  3. Putrid Gloom says:

    Aww how nice of you to say so, you be my bizzles now

  4. she IS! I’m saving up for a shopping spree there soon. Get all the morbid pretty pics out of my system, hehe

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