Break out the whimsy

Alright you serious fashionistas, break out your muther fuckin’ clown shoes and let’s get down to business. Check your egos, baggage and prim cunts at the door. For the record, I just farted and I’m sure there are people burping out there. Let’s have some fun, shall we?


Fun rule number one: No meanies allowed. Mean people suck. Despite how I loath bumper sticker proverbs, this one happens to be true. Mean people do suck.

So all you clique people with your special group tags and flippant disregard for “commoners” – can take a chill pill and relax. Is that shit really necessary? Are you REALLY that superior? Can’t we stop being so mean and just have an ounce of humility? Maybe share the wealth of knowledge you’ve obtained and do some community service? Maybe even do it, without bragging to your friends that you’re doing it? Just a thought.

Fun rule number two: Endorse something that speaks to your inner child. No matter what that inner child may be like, indulge the sweet tatter tot. Nothing says inner child like My Little Pony…. Or Voltron…. Or Scooby Doo. Go with it.

Fun rule number three: Don’t smoke. It’s a filthy habit. I seem to have become a closet smoker, much to my chagrin. You start taking life way to seriously, next thing you know you’re writing in a diary with a fifth of scotch, a deck of smokes and the lights on low with Tom Waits playing in the background. It’s hard to get “fun” happening in that environment.

On that note… I’m gonna make some cookies, not smoke, and chase my cats around my house. Fuckin’ a – sounds like fun to me.

top – Gypsy …………. Frilly Skirt Tank – black
bottom – Pink …………. Angel Dress – black/white
socks – MIEL…………. MI Knee Highs
necklace – It’s All Good…………. Rainbow – silver
ring – DECO …………. Smoky –  silver
shoes – Rachel Breaker …………. Flowery Clown Shoes
eyes – Poetic Colors …………. Dry Soil
glasses – MIEL …………. Bella Peepers
skin – Rockberry …………. Uma – natural tint
hair – Defectiva …………. poof tail
poses – Long Awkward Poses

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3 thoughts on “Break out the whimsy

  1. sylvia olivier says:

    <3 you. laughed so hard!

  2. YAY! :) Thanks Chance and Sylvia
    I hope neither of you smoke, she says taking a drag on her cigarette.

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