Phemie Alcott is a Contradiction

I had the pleasure of hearing Phemie Alcott perform this past weekend at Asbinthe. She’s a live musician with who is completely contradictory to herself.

Phemie Alcott as Phemie Alcott.

Phemie Alcott as Phemie Alcott.

When singing her own work or other major artists, she is melancholy and melodic. Her versatility and sheer talent allow her to move effortlessly between keyboards and guitar. On both instruments, her songs choices are independent, lonely and stark. In her notecard biography, Phemie says she’s been writing and performing songs since she was 18 and her influence include: Joni Mitchell, PJ Harvey, U2, Tori Amos, and Sarah Machlachlan.

Too true. I heard her perform a cover of Baker Baker, by Tori Amos (Tori version). If I had been drunk on scotch and had a deck of smokes with me – I would have been sobbin’ like a baby. Maybe next time?

Here’s the contradiction.

When Phemie isn’t performing she’s as playful as a kitten chasing their own tail. You know when you look at the kitten, and you’re like “oh jesus. You’re too cute. This kind of cute should be illegal.” Yeah. That’s Phemie. Her brightness is contagious and relaxes even the most neurotic (like myself).

You can catch Phemie at her regular spots: Bamaland every Wednesday at 6pm SL and at The Jester the first Sunday of the month.

Do take note. She and Mimi Carpenter are opening their own venue, The Firefly on the Pemberley sim. The Grand Opening will be Sept. 6th. There will be other SL Live Performers on the docket: Pol Arida, Winston Ackland, Linus Radford, PM Bookmite and Kafka Dinzeo.

So, pour yourself a short stack of single-malt, click on this link and enjoy sweet songs of Phemie Alcott, a contradiction of herself.


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