Unexpected Nudity while Smoking

Prairie Kawashima is always unexpected.


This is my second post on the Poetik Velvets sim and this one is near to my heart. I have admired Prairie’s work for ages now. If you look through her flickr pages, you can see an evolution of thought. It’s an exploration of ideas in mind and body through Second Life photography. Sometimes when I look at work, it feels like she is seeing herself for the first time – along with the viewer. It’s sort of comforting because it’s so unexpected.


The exhibit is a snapshot of her life, both figuratively and literally. It is set in a small apartment where Prairie lives, works, sleeps, bathes, prays and smokes. It’s a snapshot of a lifestyle which feels oddly well lived.



The art, itself, is trailed along the floor in a 100 little Polaroid pictures which are scattered. The story they tell feels incredibly personal and sincere. It’s a stark contrast to the first impression of the apartment. Each image beckons your attention and gives the viewer the distinct feeling of looking at someone’s photographic diary. There is something secretive about looking at them, but secrets never last. They always get out.


There are poses throughout the apartment or bring your own animations. Be careful not to stay in too long, next thing you know –you’re naked and smoking again. The exhibit runs until October 14. Donations are accepted.

Thank you Prairie, for this delightfully unexpected look at your photography. *bows*

NOTE: while these pictures feature myself, I took direct inspiration from several of Prairie’s photos. You can find the origins of the inspiration on her flickr page and in her exhibit.


One thought on “Unexpected Nudity while Smoking

  1. I <3 Prairie. She does amazing work and is an inspiration for me in my own photography.

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