Flats are so Passé

I know every budding shoe designer would like to first start off with something on the easier side of the scale. Flats do make sure an easy first subject…

..however. can we just STOP with these damn flat shoes?


You know them.. you got them.
You probably have at least 5 varying designs over the last two years.
Some sculpted, some ordinary prim, some day glow green, and others with more versions of plaid than Seattle in 1994….

I know this is a meaningless gripe. Senseless and really no more than an bitchy thing to post, but…. Can we just try something new?

I realize we all want/need/crave a creative voice.
Let’s just give up on the ugly flat shoes.


12 thoughts on “Flats are so Passé

  1. Colleen says:

    I so agree with you. I think it’s safe to say we do not absolutely need another pair of flats in sl.e,

  2. Marls says:

    Thanks Colleen! :)

  3. Stefani says:

    I love flats, RL and SL. They are far from passe.

    Also, Lady Gaga would never be seen in passe flats. Maybe you two have more in common than you thought.

  4. Chance says:

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL! you rock so hard, you don’t even know it..or do you?

  5. 'Kota Buck says:

    So not true, I’m always looking for someone doing something creative with flats. I love flats. I want less super high heels and more flats – no one needs the extra height in SL.

  6. <33 flats. I've rarely stepped out in anything else all summer. I say keep 'em coming!

  7. <3 my flats as much as my heels i cant go surf girl in killer heels would be so wrong,

    but also the Funny Girl flats from Periquita are a must in all inventory's,

  8. Dyana Zanzibar says:

    Flats give us a casual alternative. Really, they look so much better with shorts, jeans and minis (during the day time). They can often make an outfit look very stylish and cool, when a heel worn with the same outfit simply does not have the same affect.

  9. Marls says:

    Don’t get me wrong. I HEART my Funny Girl Flats from Periquita. I think they are amazing. However… i am just critique the MASSIVE volume of basic flats that seem to overwhelm my inventory for ages now. It’s like back in 2006 – everyone had at least FIVE pairs of hooker boots. You know… Pretty Woman style?

    Luckily, all of those were transferable and gotten rid of…. *cheeky smile* maybe.
    (yes, definitely.)

  10. MARLS! You hate my fanny packs and now you hate my flats. I just want you to love and accept me, Hahahaha. But yeah there needs to be more creativity besides a colored sculpted block one can wear on their foot. But alas I am a nerd girl and if I put on a heel I would fall flat on my face! Hugs.

  11. marls says:

    I love you for who you are!
    I just find it interesting when I express a negative opinion about anything, my readership goes up. It’s like Pavlov’s dog.

    • Oh yeah I so know how that is. But that’s why I like your blog – you are not afraid to say how you feel in a mature, well written manner. Thoughtful discourse and debate are often lacking in SL blogs unfortuntely. And if people are offended oh well. Keep it comin’ lady!

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