Lady Gaga isn’t worthy…at all.

Why is the SL fashion folly so in love with Lady Gaga?


She’s crap.

Like REALLY REALLY crap… Honestly, I would rather you bring back someone like Britney Spears than to insist on Lady Gaga. There are SO MANY cooler disco/dance music bands that are better suited (no pun intended) for the fashion industry.

So stop sucking on that MTV tit, and let’s introduce you to some great indie artists that truly deserve some fashion praise:

1. Scissor Sisters – I love this band. I first heard them a few years ago singing Filthy Gorgeous and you may recognize their music from the soundtrack to Party Monsters. They are delicious! Not only do that do disco club music, but they actually have some pretty fun lyrics. My favorite song is Take Your Momma Out:

2. Le Disko – Anyone that says “fuck” in a song pretty much gets my attention. “It’s a chance, gonna move — gonna fuck up your ego — silly boy, gonna make you cry”

3. MikaSO MUCH FUN! Jesus. So much fun! Check out “we are golden” – you will wanna dance around in your underwear. Just make sure your neighbors you lift up the blinds.

4. Hot Chip – This UK band stole my heart from the first song I ever heard. There is something about the guy’s that I absolutely love. If you go to their YouTube channel, there is tour and behind the scenes look at the band. I fell for them, even harder than before. Okee – there is this one:
And this one: and for your viewing pleasure:

… yeah. *girlish blush* I heart hot chip.

5. Jem – no not the cartoon, the DJ. Check out THEY (… sure, she’s not busting a crazy dance move, nor does have a team of metro-sexual men dancing about her. Hell! For that matter, she doesn’t have a huge nose and make lewd gestures with her tongue.

The fact is that pop culture and fashion are intrinsically linked, whether we like it or not. It just saddens me that Lady Gaga has become this icon of something that isn’t altogether new: marriage of pop disco and fashion. There are so many other great musicians that deserve the attention she has gained.

*gets down off soapbox*

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16 thoughts on “Lady Gaga isn’t worthy…at all.

  1. silver milneaux says:

    I enjoy her fierce insistence on originality and the fact that she wears whatever she feels like wearing and has very specific/distinct likes! She also insists on paying for stuff she wants to keep in fashion shoots(she did in my country anyway) and on styling herself in photoshoots

  2. I get that… but musically, I find her lacking in so many ways. Wasn’t there some celebrity that stole clothing from her last shoot? That sometimes gay gurl…. ummm…with the red hair…ummm…shit. she was in herbie.

    Man. i suck at celebrity crap.

  3. Doesn’t Shiny Toy Guns sing Le Disko? I haven’t clickity clicked yet so I could be wrong. I agree with you in that her “originality” is purely in her look. Her music is anything but. Pretty much anyone can sound like that with a drumbeat and some studio tweaking. The whole alter-ego image thing she has going is cool, but I liked it better when Bowie did it with Ziggy Stardust ;)

  4. Marls says:

    Yep! they do :) I really love that track. It comes up on my Pandora and I keep making sure it gets a “thumbs up”. There is something SO 80’s inspired by that it grabs me everytime.

    fucking old fart that I am……

  5. silver milneaux says:

    Oh lol but for me liking her fashion sense has little to do with her music, they’re separate for me :) I do agree that those other bands you shared are pretty dopee.

  6. Marls says:

    yes yes. I can see your point, Silver!
    I feel the same way about Woody Allen! :) I can separate it.

  7. Music Loopen says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I wish Gaga would Gogo.. totally overrated. she’s this generation’s Madonna..with less sex appeal. Seriously..have you taken a look at that face, without her big goofy glasses or hair partially obscuring her face? wow. It amazes me how many people have jumped on the Gaga bandwagon in game. She’s not gonna be around long, so I guess we should be thankful of that.

  8. Aderyn Verwood says:

    I have to agree with you. Apart from the music – which just isn’t my cup of tea – the fashion persona just is completely uninspiring to me: like throwing Madonna, Kylie Minogue and a bit of Japanese Street Style & Cosplaying into a tumbledryer and then wearing the whole bulk that comes out again.

  9. Riot says:

    GaGa is the shit.

    Before commenting, I decided to scroll through your Archives and it’s nice to see you finally post something worth commenting on. And even with this post you still don’t know what you’re doing.

    Let me start with.. I hope you really aren’t that retarded when you say Le Disko is a band. It’s a song by Shiny Toy Guns. I may be wrong but I doubt it.

    Second, Lady GaGa has her own talent. Aside with Mika, Hot Chip, and Shiny Toy Guns. All three of those ALL have different genres of music and they definitely aren’t all Disco/Dance.

    Hot Chip is Chinese/Minimalist Pop.
    Mika is also Pop.
    Shiny Toy Guns is a mix of Indie Rock and Eletronica.

    Obviously are you not familiar with any of those bands and not even GaGa. Because the “SL Fashion Folly” is not the only place so inlove with GaGa.

  10. Aiden says:

    Agreed with Riot, Completely.

    Gaga is here to stay whether you like it or not.

  11. Marls says:

    aww Riot!
    people will say we’re in love… you calling me retarded, and all.

    Thank you for clarifying all those points. You are simply superior to everything I wrote. I wonder…do you have a blog? I would surely love a proper education from you.

    Of course, Aiden, Gaga is here to stay! She’s given blowjobs to every music executive in the industry! It’s difficult to compete with that sort of talent.

  12. Nara Tairov says:

    Geez! You offended the fan of the Queen of Trash and blatant disregard for sexually transmitted diseases. *shame* -.-
    (I wonder if he’s actually watched any interviews with her. Unless he likes vacuous space cases that boast that their clothing all needs to be reflective so they can see themselves in them. And equates there concerts to “Woodstock”.) She’s irritating in my opinion, and her message of “free love” just makes me sick. I really hope her essence stops haunting the fucking grid and moves on to some other trashy front.

    It’s so nice to try and have an opinion in this world, and someone more uppity with apparently more “info’s” than you will come and blatantly throw the word retard around in an attempt to somehow prove you’re wrong doing in misplacing something in a band category. (Which I suppose must be far more offensive than misplacing a serious mental state for a mixed up musical knowledge in their world.)

    Boo Lady GaGa.

  13. Whoa LOL looks you brought out some militant Lady Gaga fans. Hahahah

  14. marls says:

    yeah….name calling is so much fun! it’s sorta like being a certain motel all over again! tee hee. S.T.G. does rock, but i love that song most-est.

  15. CCCC says:

    Lady Gaga fans, the kind that bow down to her as the all great, creative, unique queen, are fools. She is MTV trash that has been created for those mainstream idiots who want to feel like hipsters with all her fashion junk and “disco stick” slang shit. Since they don’t know any real talent.

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