Porcelain Sovereignty

I like maps: “Maps” the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s love song, and moreover the real thing. I like the colors used in creating them and their intricate networks. The refined hierarchy of typography that delineates each of the townships, cities and countries makes me smile. It’s all so clear and clean, despite the overwhelming presence on an initial view.


Donna Flora has been receiving some long overdue attention. Here, I am wearing the Corset Dress which costs 350 linden. You get quite a bit for that price: corset top, bottom and skirt layers, then stocking with your prim cage skirt. ALSO, you get a Victorian styled hair in platinum blonde (not seen in image). The design is well done and the seams are perfect. The prim cage skirt is so much fun. It completely photogenic: near and far. It also makes for an excellent topper to any outfit regardless of era.

I’ve matched this up with Bettiepage Voyager’s skin, which may not even be for sale anymore (?). I heard a dreadful rumor, that she lost her original skin files some time ago. However if you do get a copy of this skin, it’s not for the faint of heart. Dramatic eyes, pale body with blushed elbows and knees. Gorgeously mysterious.

dress – Donna Flora …………. Corset
jewelry – DECO …………. Vintage Drop
shoes – Lassitude & Ennui …………. Eva Pumps – London
eyes – LeLutka …………. sky
lashes – Milk Motion …………. standard
skin – BP …………. Sep Autumn Juicy Pink
hair – LeLutka …………. Electra – platinum
poses – Penny Dreadful Arcade

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2 thoughts on “Porcelain Sovereignty

  1. Putrid Gloom says:

    I’m having this…. ALL of it!

  2. Marleen Vaughan says:

    I really hope Bettie didn’t lose that skin.
    i love the dramatic eyes!

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