Who Let the Bunnehs Out?

The team over at Who Let the Dorks Out wrote a brilliant post about Naho’s Funny Shop. You can read their blog entry here. After grabbing the freebie item, I couldn’t help but be so smitten with this giant bunneh! I decided I needed to do ANOTHER plug for the silly bunny rabbit!


Okay – there are two MUST have items. One is call gyaka-usagi. This is shown by my lovely brave assistant, Miss Zedellbee Zuhal, being held up in the air. This rabbit comes with 5 different poses. You wear the attachment and just click the bunny for the new position.

The other MUST have is nagurare-usagi (I’m thinking usagi means rabbit). You give the giant rabbit a ride on your back. If you click the bunny, it moves in front of you and you get to beat it up into little bunny smithereens (as depicted by me on the right side of the picture).

Both items are free, but only the gyaka one is transferable. So, stop by today to Naho’s Funny Shop and pick up a copy of the GYAKA-USAGI! It doesn’t disappoint!

Special thanks to Zedellbee Zuhal for participating.
Sexual favors WERE offered up to the bloggers at Who Let the Dorks Out, however – they were denied.
No bunny rabbits were hurt in the making of the blog post.


3 thoughts on “Who Let the Bunnehs Out?

  1. I NEVER WOULD DENY YOU!!!! /me beats up Fi and Pau for the neigh on the sexytimes offer.

    And, great post! I was in such a rushed state, and I don’t even know why, that I failed on the details and pics. I just needed to spread the word as soon as possible, lol.

    p.s…. I will be waiting in the lobby of the Starlust motel at 11pm SLT. I have reserved a fancy room with a vibrating bed and everything ;) <3!

  2. Marleen Vaughan says:

    ohh. I try to stay away from that Hotel. i heard they are terribly mean and bad mouthy. let’s try a moonlit walk around the Edelweiss sim! It’s gorgeously romantic!

  3. Ah, well that’s all I could afford, but I concur. Plus there is bound to be a camera in the room with some griefer running through, lol. I’ll call the castle and see if they’ll accept sexual favors for rooms. God, I’m just GIVIN it away!

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