WANTED: revenge

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance is the last in a Korean trilogy from director Park Chan-wook. All three films look at the complex emotions that revolve around acts of revenge. It’s a messy business, seeking atonement.


This particular story in the trilogy struck me because it’s purely from a woman’s perspective. A woman that is hard and bitter from years of being in prison. In the beginning, her friend asks her why she has on red eye shadow. She replies blankly it’s because everyone thinks I look so sweet.

Can someone please make this Skin? Shape? Or has it already been done? HALP!


2 thoughts on “WANTED: revenge

  1. Loved the film, we’re Park Chan-Wook fans too.

    • Marls says:

      Thanks 1minute!
      I’ve got oldboy to watch this weekend.
      btw, I totally concur with your review on Before the Devil Knows Your Dead. I was seriously let down – so sad. Plus, I found it deeply distracting how emaciated Ethan Hawke looks… *shudders* He should have gone out for The Machinist.

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