Show Me on the Doll

More than a provocative name, Putrid Gloom’s shop Show Me on the Doll highlights all that is circus horror in Second Life!

Firstly, let me admit right now that Putrid and I are good friends. I live on her sim and thoroughly enjoy the fruits of her horror shows. However friendship aside, Putrid is developing quite a canvas of horror-RIFIC outfits, shoes, furniture and accessories.


This particular number was just released and goes for a mere pittance of 200 linden. It has all the features a good gothic horror show needs: prim ruffle collar, bustled dress, prim shoulders and a skull to tie it all together. The loveliest bit that comes with the Tainted dress is the prim jawbone hat. Beautifully textured, it rests perfectly on your precious little crown for all the world to see. What else could a girl ask for?

This outfit was easy to match up with two great designers: DECO jewelry and Draconic Kiss skin. Doll Parts for The Doll Show – so to speak. DECO’s use of skulls matches perfectly with the macabre of Putrid’s designs. However, I’m not sure the Jointed Doll skin is still available at D.K., but it is a keeper if you can get it.

Do stop by Miss Gloom’s shop and then stroll through her Carnival for some FLICKR photos. Watch out for zombies, witches and serial killers. High fashion comes at price.

dress – Show Me on the Doll …………. Tainted – black
hat – Show Me on the Doll …………Taxidermy Jawbone
shoes – Shiny Things …………. Ruffle Boot – black **
earrings – DECO…………. Triple Skull
ring – DECO …………. Diamond Ring – black
panties – Schadenfreude …………. Button Fly Manties – white **
eyes – Silhouette Eyes …………. Onxy
lashes – Milk Motion ………….standard
skin – Draconic Kiss …………. Doll Skin – light
hair – mia …………. Wild Woman – black
poses – Body Language and *LOTTA*

** not seen, except with xray vision

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One thought on “Show Me on the Doll

  1. I’ll go as long as there are no clowns cause there is nothing scarier than a clown LOL.

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