Welcome to Bakersfield

Ever since I met Bakersfield Kidd, he has been a great influence on me. He has elevated my understanding of vintage automobiles, honky-tonk, and a kind spoken word. It is easy to see his influence in so many things I take for granted these days. So, it is with greatest pleasure, I get to share his influence with you.


If you know Baker, you know his deep love of cars. He first told me about 19Motocycle ages before they offered a free scooter. I looked over the shop and thought the mechanics outfit was “super cute”. I’m a girl, what can I say?

You make look at the 500L price and think it’s too much. However, you get quite a bit: sculpted prim cuffs, sleeves, collar, and tie-around waist (as seen in this entry). Everything is available on all layers, dirty and clean versions,  and of  coures, it is the highest quality texturing. Just take a look at PaintO Jie’s bikes, you can see he knows what he’s doing.

Another one of Baker’s great influences is AM Pro Rides. The watch I’m wearing is straight up Abacus Mimistrobell. His sim is currently under construction, but if you’re DYING to buy this watch for your lady friend, I’m sure he can hook you up. This is more than a lovely piece of eye candy, it also doubles as a fork-lift, easy bake oven and can even change a diaper. Seriously. It’s that good.

This isn’t amateur hour, folks. If you’re looking for highest quality in automobile influence, Bakersfield knows his shit.

top – 19Motorcycle …………. Tanktop – white, ladies
bottom – 19Motorcycle …………Coverall – red, ladies
shoes – Kari …………. Sail away bitch! – high tops
smoke – Naith Smit Designs…………. white
watch – AM Pro Rides …………. Alpha Speedmaster – ladies**
necklace – Miriel Everyday …………. Starburst – silver **
keychain – Garage R.H. …………. 8Ball Keyholder
eyes – LeLutka …………. Sky
lashes – Milk Motion ………….standard
skin – blowpop …………. Maya tone C 4.2
hair – boon …………. Zen274 – brown
poses – DARE and Hiccup

** currently not available, I don’t think…probably not. sorry.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Bakersfield

  1. Ooh i love this look. Its all sorts of awesome sauce!

  2. Marls says:

    thanks Lizzy. It sorta reminds me of all those cheesey 80’s movies where sexy women were doing “tuff guy” stuff. like flashdance, visionquest and weird science… okay. maybe not the last one :)

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