Hot Ankles = True Love

I’ve always been a big fan of capri style pants in SL and in RL. Even with regular jeans in real life, I like to roll them up and expose some ankle. I have hot ankles. Not to say that they are particularly attractive, but rather they exude a good deal of heat. Rolling up the pant leg seems to cool my body down to the right comfort level.

Yeah. I’ve been called neurotic before…


MIEL’s selection of capri style pants are fantastic, to say the least. They are well textured, fitted low on the waist and have great sculpted prim cuffs. Transcending many timelines, you could wear these pants anywhere! For example, you could be a girl dressing up like a boy in a roguish attempt to thwart the evil-doers and win the heart of her true love in Elizabethan England…. just, yeah…ah…throwing that out there.

The other favorite in this particular outfit is the top by C’est La Vie! Recently, I participated in a hunt where this top was offered in a long sleeve version for free. Spend the extra linden and get the short sleeve one. It’s brilliant. The sleeves are sculpted prims and suit the design perfectly. The fabric is textured with little hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs. While it may seem too busy when written out, the color composition makes the design work beautifully.

I’ve matched this all up with an old skin from the back of my closet, La Sylphides’s Ingrid. I’m not sure if it’s still available, but it does offer a little variety to the usual suspects of skin designers.

So, get your cuffs up and air out those ankles…. your true love awaits.

top – C’est la vie!…………. Trump Mark shirt
bottom – miel…………HI PANTS – charcoal
socks – miel…………Jane Socks – Plaid Light – Cambray
shoes – LeLutka…………. Korina leather/cherry
sunglasses – LeLutka…………. white
ring – .:*D*:. …………. Rose Ring
eyes – Silhouette Eyes…………. Sapphire
lashes – Celestial Studios………….Vogue Lashes Size 2
skin – La Sylphide…………. Ingrid – light, smokey Nude Pink
hair – Vignette…………. Ellie dirty blond
poses – Long Awkward Pose

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2 thoughts on “Hot Ankles = True Love

  1. I’m loving this hair. I need it in my SLife!

  2. SugarKane Gumbo says:

    Oh my god! Yay! I didn’t know you were blogging again.

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